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The Burbage Booth Company

“We are The Burbage Booth Company and we bring photo booth wizardry to your special event. Our focus is on providing a high quality and luxurious photo booth experience like you’ve never seen before!

Not only do we use the very best equipment to capture studio quality images of your event but it also comes in a beautiful handcrafted oak shell, that is a real head turner at any event.

You can choose to get instant prints from our sublimation dye printer or if you prefer you can visit our sharing kiosk on the reverse of the booth to share you picture via email or social media.

What about backdrops and props I hear you ask? Well, we have 14 different backdrops to choose from and a whole host of vintage props at your disposal – so let the fun commence!

There are also a variety of customisations we can do for your event – from creating print layouts that fit in with your wedding stationary to branding the entire experience for corporate events with custom touchscreen menus, GIF overlays, branded emails and much more.”


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